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About CARI!

Cerdas Antisipasi Risiko bencana (CARI!)* is a research & information technology-based start-up & social venture working to enhance knowledge management for disaster risk reduction and resilient development.

Our paramount vision is to accelerate disaster-resilient and sustainable development and society in Indonesia and Southeast Asia through science. CARI! supports the government, academics, enterprises, and many others to bridge the whole scientific knowledge to the public. 

CARI! team has various experiences in undertaking assessment and stakeholder mappings, developing ICT-based information and knowledge management systems, and extensive and intensive studies in disaster management, environment, and climate change.

(*) CARI is an Indonesian word for “search” – Our full name expresses a passion for “intelligently anticipating disaster risk (by using science)”

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As an emerging social venture with an innovative approach for an end-to-end disaster knowledge management, CARI! has received several recognitions.

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Partners & Clients

Testimonials for CARI!

It is an honor to receive words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement from partners, clients and users about our products and services. Let’s hear their voices and learn how organizations around the world are using our products and services to build resilience and better knowledge management.

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